How To Create Sensationally Comforting Outdoor Chill Zones In Your Home

Summers are around the corner and there is not a better feeling in warm months to come home, immediately take off your shoes, grab a nice cold drink and head straight out. Sitting in the open air is one of the best methods to refresh and open up after a hard day’s work. It is indeed the right time to make your outdoor space whether  it is patio, swimming pool or a garden more comfortable and cozy for summers.

Best Outdoor Comforting Areas:

Following are some of the ideas that can work wonders for you by transforming your yard, patio and porch into something spectacular and comfortable to enjoy warmer months in the best possible manner.

  • Patio Hangout:

It is totally wrong to say that only children have the right to have fun on swings. You can revamp your patio with the help of an eye catching inside/outside hanging chair. Similarly, you can further compliment the ambiance by placing pots of few big plants with interesting and beautiful foliage. In fact, this arrangement will enable you to swing your worries away for quite some time.


  • Poolside Lounge:

If you are the lucky one to have a swimming pool in your house, it is time to bid farewell to traditional plastic deck furniture and adorn the pool with something unique, more chic and sleek such as a Moroccan tea table surrounded by sea grass daybed and linen backed deck chairs. This will enable you to create an airy space and comfortable atmosphere in your poolside space. Furthermore, cover the table and chairs with a giant umbrella and also surround them with big green leafy plants such as lavender and unwind yourself by reading your favorite novel or enjoying your favorite drink.

  • Secret Reading Nook:

If you dearly love to escape with good reading material, you need a tucked away and secret reading nook to pass your leisure time as you would like to. You can get an extra private reading area in the garden by surrounding a cushioned seat by hanging vines and vintage shutters in the corner of your garden.


  • Backyard Hideaway:

There are many things you can do to transform a simple backyard into a breathtaking hideaway. For instance, you can place a daybed or a cushy sofa in the backyard and hang white curtains all around to make it a comfortable resting area. You can adjust curtains to block scorching sun during hot days and they will also provide you much needed privacy.


  • Napworthy Porch:

If you are looking for a perfect place to nap, consider your porch. The roof of the porch will protect you from sudden shower while you are napping whereas the gentle breeze and fresh air will definitely sooth you. The hanging bed with rocking movements is especially restful but any daybed will also do the job perfectly for you.

  • Classic Hammock:

You need to put big trees in your backyard (if you have any) to practical use. The best way to commence relaxation in such an environment is by stringing a hammock. You need not to worry if you don’t have trees in your yard because there are hammocks that are available with their own stands.


  • Rooftop Escape:

If you live in a big city, it is essential for you to have a chill-out zone on the roof of your house or apartment. Even with the limited budget and small space, you have the chance to create a comforting and cute retreat. For instance, a blanket covered futon, burlap pillows for lounging and a café table for sitting is all you need to accomplish the task.

  • Tropical Retreat:

You can also create an irresistible hideaway in your patio  or porch by using a fascinating hammock coverage, moody lighting and reclaimed dark tropical wood furniture. An arrangement like this will always be comforting no matter you are playing cards with your friends or want to have a little peaceful and solo nap.


Some Terrific Methods To Create More Storage Space In Your Bedroom

Clothes spilling out of overstuffed drawers, unread magazines stacked around the bed and clothes worn only once piling on the chairs are common scenes in any average bedroom. It is not easy to find enough space to accommodate all of these things in your bedroom especially if you have limited closet space or it does not exist altogether. However, there are many simple tips you can implement to maximize the storage capacity of your bedroom and make it neat, clean and enticing to eyes.

  • Floor to Ceiling Cabinets:

Built-in floor to ceiling cabinets will help you to get rid of most of your storage woes. It is a spectacular idea to install narrow and tall shelves or cabinets on either side of the doorway. This will make your room look more balanced and most importantly, the narrow cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling  will enable you to store surprising amount of clothes as well.


  • An Extra Wide Dresser:

Sometimes it happens that your dresser leaves some space on both sides and most often, this space is wasted. Instead, it is better to fill the entire wall with a single long dresser or a number of small but matching dressers. If you manager to use the every last inch of that space by installing wall to wall dressers, you can also make your room look relatively bigger in addition to creating more storage space.

  • Install a Closet Where it is Nonexistent:

Don’t have a closet in the attached bathroom? You need not panic as you can create a boutique style closet on one of its wall without any real hassle just by combining drawers, shelves and hanging rods. Similarly, you can also hang a curtain in front if you want to hide your things most of the time.

  • Create Extra Storage Around Your Bed:

You can considerably increase your storage options by using the blank walls around and above your bed. For example, you can store your clothes in narrow and tall closets on both sides of your bed. Similarly, you can stash off season accessories and books in the cabinet immediately above the headboard. However, you need to ensure that everything above your bed is hanging absolutely securely for safety purposes.


  • Go for All in One Storage:

Sometimes it becomes difficult to transform an awkward space in your bedroom into a capacious storage area. However, you can make the most of such spaces by installing a customized and all-in-One cabinetry consisting of a wardrobe, nightstands and a headboard. Customizing pieces means you are getting the perfect storage combination according to your requirements and it will fit in your physical space quite comfortably. In this regard, you can add a bookshelf beside your bed if you love to read or can go for shelves or drawers if you have tone of sweaters to hang.


  • Store Accessories and Shoes Somewhere Else:

It is a great idea to remove your shoes and accessories from the closet especially if they are small  and  move them into open. In this regard, most people opt for Cubical shelves for storing bags, shoes, hats and belts etc. because it makes it easy for them to clean and find them.

  • Pick a Bed With Storage:

The idea of underbed storage has not enjoyed much success in the past but it is really a smart move unless you overstuff the area. Some beds are also available with built-in storage compartments and you can also use specially designed bins if your bed does not have any. Similarly, you can also fit some casters to old wooden drawers to totally renovate them and then simply slide them under the bed. Finally, ensure that the drawers  are adequately covered to keep dust at bay.



Some Impressive Decorating Tips To Make Your Room More Attractive

Against the common perception, home designers do not follow any secret book of rules. They love to imagine, explore and dream as most of them are creative by nature. They simply follow their intuition to create some of the most dramatic and beautiful homes you would ever see. However, there are some general criteria that help them to achieve a great result every time they take on some home designing challenge. These are generally tried and tested methods and you do not need to practice for years to master them as well.

Following are some basic guidelines that will enable you to get a beautiful home even without an experienced touch.

  • Always Select Paint Color Last:

Many homeowners want their homes to be painted with their favorite color before they actually move in. There is nothing wrong in shifting to a home that is already ‘well painted’ but this is not the ideal approach. There are millions of paint colors with different shades, tones and tints. As the light source from home to home vary, each one of these shades look different when used in different homes. A color looking absolutely stunning in your current home might not create the same impact in your next home. You need to select a paint color that can complement your rugs, artwork, upholstery and furniture etc.


  • Give Some Breathing Space to Furniture:

You need to resist the temptation of overcrowding the room. Gracious living spaces providing enough room to maneuver furniture are very common nowadays. This is even more important if you have a tight budget to work with. You need to spend your money on fewer but better quality pieces of furniture instead of cramping your room with a lot of but useless furniture. Forget about filling your room with flee market finds and your room will look better, bigger and beautiful. For instance, the high-backed chairs don’t cover much of the space and will not have to fight for attention as well.


  • Hang Artwork Correctly:

Midline of the each artwork in art galleries and museums is usually 57-60 above the ground, the average human eye level. Therefore, you should do the same in your home no matter how high or low the room ceiling is. Always remember that you need to relate height of the artwork to the human scale, not your home’s scale.

  • Don’t Try to be Too Smart:

Some people try to be too theme-y while designing their homes but the end result is not as impressive as they would have liked. For example, the Cape Code look with typical hallmarks such as some sailboat paintings, white nautical palettes and a beadboard is very popular among people. However, this style lacks individuality and creativity simply because it has been done on so many times before. Instead, you can draw attention to items like artworks and other such materials to achieve the effect without relying much on obvious clichés.

  • A Focal Point is Necessary:

Just like any movie, you need to have a star performer in your room and in this case, it is your focal point. It will not only anchor the room but will also highlight other decoration pieces in the surroundings. Your focal piece can take shape of an artwork or mental in the drawing or living room, a beadboard in bedroom or a sensationally dramatic hood in the kitchen. Whatever it is, it must have the power to draw immediate attention.


  • Be Bold:

You need to impart some personality to any room to make it really great. You need to experiment and try to make your own personal statement. The more you try, the more you will realize what works well for your home and what does not. You can include some unexpected elements to increase the drama and make surroundings more charismatic. For instance, oversize chandeliers, library style bookshelves and untraditional Ottomans chairs will definitely work wonders for you.



Deadliest Home Décor Blunders You Need To Avoid

There are many “habits” in the home designing and decorating world that needs to be broken or totally avoided while designing a home. Most of them started as good ‘intentions’  but everyone knows where the path is currently leading to. As a matter of fact, if you manage to totally ignore these habits, you are certainly going to find a better designing solutions for your home designing problems.

In the context of above discussion, following are some of the home designing habits that need to be broken or trends that need to be discarded.

  • Neglected Foyers:

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression and same is the case with your home. Most of the entry halls or foyers fall prey to the lack of attention and you as a homeowner, will have to ultimately pay for it. People having attached garages especially neglect their foyers. However, the visitors will always see the foyer and therefore, it is better to make full use of it. For instance, you can display an artwork or something else that has an interesting story behind it. This will help you to make your foyer breath and impart a personal touch to your home.


  • Improper Lighting:

Improper lighting is another curse that can totally undermine the beauty and charm of your house. in most cases, the home lighting is too bright or too dim. It is always nice to define the task at hand and light according to the structure of your room and the furniture and other accessories within. You need to install dimmers by all means and vary the sources and level of your room lighting. Until you room is devoid of proper lighting, you will not enjoy it no matter how beautifully decorated it is.


  • All-White Woodwork:

All-white woodwork have become too common and most of them are quite repelling for eyes to be honest. All the woodwork need not to be white and you can definitely experiment with their color. Because having a bit of color is always refreshing and good, painting your woodwork in colors like red or blue will add an unexpected and surprising touch to your room while creating an irresistible ambiance. Frankly speaking, it will adds personality and interest to the surroundings.

  • Single Purpose Dining Room:

Dining rooms can be used for purposes other than merely hosting Sunday night dinners. You can definitely break this habit for choosing an auxiliary or complementary role for the dining room, such as a library. According to some people, dinning in the company of books is indeed the ultimate luxury.


  • The Beige Plague:

Different shades of beiges have been ruling supreme since the overstuffed 1980s. Even the most daring designers are have not tried to venture away from oatmeal and ecru. In fact, people no longer smile when they see beige in any house these days. Life is too short to remained attached to one thing and therefore, you need to decorate your way to happiness because the colors will make you feel good and happy.

  • Everything Against a Wall:

You need to fight the natural urge of shoving all the furniture against the walls. Floating furniture (placing pieces of furniture away from the wall) makes people sit close to each other and creates a more interesting and pleasant room composition. You can also make large room look more intimate by adopting this strategy.


  • A Matching Look All Around:

When everything in your room matches, it becomes slightly unnerving. Perhaps, it reflects the lack of confidences or it is just the lack of soul shown. On the contrary, there is a sort of charming lightheartedness when drapes don’t match the carpet or when the wallpaper doesn’t match the slipcovers.


Above mentioned are some of the home décor blunders you need to avoid if you want to exude a casual, welcoming air in your room and it make it a beautiful and comfortable place for your family and visitors.

doube vanity

Ideas for your grooming space

If you are going to invest in your bathroom, it is a good idea to focus on the space in your bathroom that you will be using the most. For most people, this is the mirror, sink, and vanity area. Many refer to this as their ‘grooming space’. You want to make your grooming space as efficient as possible, a place where you have access to everything you need. This helps you speed up your morning routine and makes your bathroom aesthetically appealing as well.

Your vanity

If you are going to focus on your grooming space, the primary focus should be the vanity. This is where you keep most of your belongings and where most of the actual grooming takes place. It may be a good idea to have two separate grooming spaces if you work in a shared space with others. While not ideal for everyone, it may reduce some of the tension commonly associated with having to share a space.

doube vanity

You want your vanity to be able to accommodate two sinks, or alternatively, you could pair two smaller vanities together. If you want to provide yourself with some extra storage room and workspace, consider a two-drawer bridge or a lap drawer between the two vanities. Even if you lack the space needed for two vanities, vanities as small as 23 inches can still provide the grooming space with a high level of functionality.


Different vanity options

You may want to consider a furniture-leg style vanity if you are going to replace the flooring of your bathroom as well. These may make the room appear a bit larger and are traditionally more elegant in design. If you want to be able to clean underneath easily and strive for a modern, clean look, consider a wall-mount vanity.

If you are going to place your vanity in the corner of the room, you can add small details to give your space a custom look. You can use a filler strip to bridge the gap between the vanity and the wall or use a side splash for your vanity top.

Storage is essential

If you want to make sure that your bathroom is better organized and uncluttered, you need to get all the boxes, bottles, and jars off your countertop. But you probably want those important items you use every day close to you. Your morning routine goes a lot smoother if you have those items readily available. That is why we recommend the following features for some of the more efficient vanities:

  • In-drawer storage made specifically for shaving accessories and makeup
  • In-door storage, including rollout shelves, adjustable shelves, drawers, and trays to keep everything within easy reach
  • Drawer dividers and stackable storage that make your space work for you

Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets have been a mainstay in bathrooms for decades, and for good reason. It is great to have eye-level access to things that you use every day, whether it is eye drops, medication, or any other personal-care items. Medicine cabinets have come a long way in the last few years though. You want to consider these cool features when buying a new one:

  • Open from both sides – Especially in small bathrooms where space is tight, it is a great thing to have a medicine cabinet that can open from the left or from the right.
  • Adjustable shelves – These allow for easier organization. It is also easier to find what you need if you have glass shelves.
  • Separate locking compartments – These are great for keeping prescription medication out of the reach of young children and adds a layer of privacy.
  • A triple-mirror design – This means that the medicine cabinet has mirrors on the inside, the back, and the front of the cabinet. These are convenient because they allow you to see the sides and back of your head.


Not all lighting is created equal

If you want an efficient grooming space, you definitely need good lighting. The right brightness of your lighting is only one single aspect though. To avoid unflattering shadows and uneven illumination, you want to install multiple light sources at different angles. Use a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting to achieve a balanced light intensity. In order to be able to judge skin tone and colors correctly, you want bulbs use soft light somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum.